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We all need to dress our best at all times because sometimes, 1st impression may...

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Baby Sitting

Whether you’re a parent, professional childcare provider or an occasional caregi...

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Cleaning Services

We understand that the house cleaning services that each of our clients require...

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Why do you deal with Ta3heed?

Providing a distinguished service to all the dealers and providing all the support to both the client and the worker at any time

Accuracy in selecting persons in business

We have a very high standard of selection in people experience and very high

tyuytExperience and competence of staff

The staff experience and competence determine the work in the existing place

وزارة الموارد البشرية والتوطين tadbeer

The high spirit of the team

The high spirit of the team is what sets our character in our work

Fast execution tasks

Our speed in doing business is what makes our company a leader in the field of e...


Happy customer


Employee available


Project is available


Completed project

ta3heed Foundation Services

A Taheed provides many services of the Ministry of Emiratization and Human Resources

Recruitment of auxiliary workers

We are affiliated to the Ministry of Emiratization and Human Resources. It represents the Ministry in the...

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Print Transactions

The printing department shall be responsible for all the benefits of issuing the visa, modifying the status, i...

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Classification of domestic workers

Classification of domestic workers Classification of domestic workers Classification of domestic workers

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View The Most Important Articles

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Our services are always accessible and easy to reach and we make sure to communicate and collaborate as a team with any information or effort aimed at supporting our customers clearly and in a timely manner.

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